The Better Prompt, Prompt

In a matter of moments, we can go from having a vague, albeit functional, prompt to a finely tuned question.

The Better Prompt, Prompt
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There are five golden rules of prompt quality: to Be explicit, Give context, Use appropriate vocabulary, Consider word associations, and use Iterative refinement.

Quality prompt crafting is like setting the stage for good conversation. It's not just about asking a question but inviting an insightful and meaningful discourse. First off, we need to be clear and precise. No one likes to wade through ambiguity or confusion, so get to the point swiftly. And providing context also helps respondents understand the 'why' behind your question, enabling them to give better answers.

As always, the devil is in the details, and word choice is your devil in the case of prompting. Stick to relevant vocabulary to make your prompt clear, engaging, and relatable. Keep an eye out for unintended or potential double meanings in your word selection—no ifs, ands, or butts about it.

Prompt refinement isn't a one-and-done deal. And the responses from ChatGPT will act as a compass to gauge what is working and what isn't. Having this feedback enables us to tweak and improve prompts over time. In this way, a simple question can evolve into deep insight. That's the beauty of a well-crafted prompt - it initiates a vibrant conversation, even if it only begins with a single question.

Okay, now that we've walked through the basics of quality prompt creation, let me introduce you to 'The Better Prompt' prompt. This prompt is designed to help you evaluate and refine your prompts systematically.

The true beauty of the prompt is its comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to prompt evaluation. It isn't just about tackling one aspect of prompt quality at a time - instead, it helps you with all five golden rules simultaneously. Whether it's clarity, context, relevant vocabulary, related terminology, or improvement suggestions, I have you covered.

But that's not all. The most exciting part is that this prompt doesn't leave you hanging after the evaluation. Following the feedback, the 'Better Prompt' prompt automatically suggests a new-and-improved version of the original prompt. Let's dive in!

The Better Prompt consists of an initial prompt for evaluation and revision and an optional follow-up prompt to qualitatively measure the scope of improvement from start to finish.

The Better Prompt